A look at Daniel–Where it all started

Tissot_The_Flight_of_the_PrisonersLast week on The Christian Unity Ministries Facebook page we started looking at some scripture passages in Daniel.  The book of daniel might not be the first place that comes to mind if you are looking to read about community and relationships.  In fact, when you read the things that people write about the book of Daniel you find points of agreement and points of disagreement. The disagreement stems from what some of the imagery and seeming prophetic language mean. There is however no disagreement these points.

Daniel is about:
• Doing the right thing
• Standing on principles
• Facing the challenges of a skeptical world
• Obedience in the face of pressure

I also believe that it is about our need for help and God’s provision.  Here is my bias.  When I look at scripture the relationships come alive for me.  So, in the 1st chapter when it lists Daniel and the other three young men as part of the group of young men from “The royal family and nobility” my assumption is that these young men probably knew each other before this.  I can’t prove that in those verses, but when Daniel negotiated the dietary test he seemed to feel like he could speak for the others with confidence that they too were up for the challenge.  So in the next couple of weeks as we explore some very familiar stories I hope that you will begin to see the underlying community that I believe fuels the heroics that we see.  Look for clues about how to face difficulties relative to these questions:

• When do we need to decide what we will do?
• How much of that decision will we allow our circumstances to determine?
• What do we see in Daniel?

Join us and here and on the Facebook page.  Let’s talk this through.


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