What’s in a dream?


In our first look at Daniel we were in the 1st chapter.  You will remember it was the story about whether or not Daniel and his friends would eat the royal food.  The young men not only survived that first few days they were more healthy and vibrant that all the others.  They ended up being rewarded with good jobs.  As we transition to the story in Chapter 2 Let’s look at a timeline for just a second.

  • We know that they were together in the beginning.
  • It is possible that by then they had already known each other for years, or perhaps they met on the trip from Judah to Babylon.
  • The text refers to them as “royalty – the nobility”.  They were all from Judah so I believe that there was a strong likelihood that this was a very long relationship.
  • Chapter 1 represents 3 years.
  • We see them still together in Chapter 2.  The text says Daniel returned home and told his friends.
  • We don’t know how much this adds to the 3 years of Chapter 1.

The timeline tells us a great deal.  This was no casual relationship.  This was a deep partnership of mutual respect and love.  Daniel didn’t have to sell them on what he proposed in chapter 1.  It is as if he already knew that they would agree.  Not only did they do it together, but they thrived.  They were the best of the best.  In Chapter 2, there seems to be no hesitation.  Daniel goes straight to them to pray with him about the situation.  He knew that he could count on them.  He knew that they would take it seriously.  He didn’t seem to wonder who to talk to.

This story in Chapter 2 would be easy to read and end up being focused on Daniel.  After all, the king has already ordered the death of all his advisors including Daniel, and yet our hero is able to see the King and convince him to give a bit more time.  Then Daniel is able to go back and not only interpret the dream and describe it too.  No one else had gotten close to either feat.  We have to slow down and see that Daniel was not in this alone.  He went straight from meeting with the king to his small group in essence.  The passage says that he returned to his house and explained to his friends.  They were already there.  They may have lived together.  The four of them prayed all night and God spoke to Daniel.  Let’s start to let that sink in.  Better yet…Let’s talk about it.


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