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In our last post we looked at how we are apparently able to train military, firefighters, and police officers to face situations heads on where the normal human reaction would be to run.  We even train football teams that way.  Look around.  You see it manifested everywhere.  Who do you think created that capacity in us?  Is it the same thing we are seeing in our young men from Judah?

Here is what I believe.  I can’t prove it to you and it expresses one of my biases.  But here goes.  I think that God created us with that capacity.  I think that we can see all kinds of good that mankind enjoys because God created us with this capacity.  We may never know how many people were saved on September 11 because of the first responders.  That is all just from a practical make the world a better place stand point.  We know that God has a higher purpose.  He did in our stories here in Daniel because for a brief time God’s fame stood out in Babylon.  God showed as preeminent.  I believe God wants to use this capacity to bring glory to Himself now through us just as He did in these stories.  I also believe that God wants to use this capacity in us to protect and rescue our brothers, our families and His Church.  God used this brotherhood in Daniel to ensure that before they had to make a decision, they already knew what the answer would be. I believe that He wants to do that among us too.

ephOne last word picture… think about the armor that Paul describes for spiritual battle:

“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might.  Put on the full armor of God.  That you may be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil.”

To quote author Jeff Vanvonderen:

“Take up the shield of faith.”  “The Roman shield to which Paul refers was as tall as the person carrying it, soaked in a fire retardant with hooks on the sides so that warriors could actually attach themselves to each other and build a wall. Sometimes, they would hunker down behind the wall to withstand an attack.  But when they decided to advance, the wall of warriors was a more formidable force than many individuals attacking alone.

“If you look at the parts of your body protected by the various components of God’s armor – loins, chest, feet and head – you see that you are protected from an attack from every side but one:  your back.  You still need someone to cover your back.  That ‘someone’ is the Body of Christ.”

We have the capacity created by God to watch each other’s backs.  It is God’s design.  We see it in all these examples.  The evidence is there that relationship is one of the key ingredients in the stories of Daniel.  What does God want to do through the relationships He has planted you in?  What would our churches look like if we figured this out?  Dream with us.  Let’s talk.

So, what are you going to do about it?  Whose back will you watch and who will you let into your life so that someone is watching your back.  These four young men didn’t leave that job to one man.  They depended on each other.


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