A Stolen Blessing


Have you ever had a tough conversation with someone?  Have you ever hurt someone?  Maybe you meant to, or maybe like me sometimes you are just a stump.  Here is the real question.  Have you ever hurt someone in such a way that it was hard for you to be around them?  At the risk of drawing the wrong conclusion about you I’ll go out on a limb and say that if you are like me you have.  Guilt and pain are emotions that God designed to help us realize that something is wrong.  I believe that in God’s design they are tools for the transformation of our lives.  Last week on the Christian Unity Ministries Facebook page we started a new series of scripture.  We are looking at Jacob.  Jacob hurt his brother in such a way that not only was it uncomfortable for him to be around Esau he ended up fearing for his life and basically ran into exile.

I hope that you will read along.  In fact I hope that you will read all of the story, because we will be looking a key excerpts.  Bring your thoughts in the way of questions and comments.  Here are some specific issues we hope to explore through the journey:

  • Watch for the emotional toll that this black cloud of a broken relationship takes on Jacob
  • Watch for how Jacob settles for other relationships in the wake of this one big offense
  • Watch to see where God pushes Jacob to go
  • Finally (and this is a big clue) watch to see how this black cloud influences future generations

Stop by regularly and see how we are progressing with our look into Jacob, Esau, and those who follow.


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