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How does a heart get shaped like that?

Last time I promised that I would suggest a couple of recent examples of the power I see relationships bring to our world.  I warned that these would be examples from outside the Church to illustrate a capacity I believe … Continue reading

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The Small Group Facilitator as a Gardener

I think those of us who have been teachers for a long time sometimes have a hard time taking off the “teacher” hat and becoming a facilitator in a small group setting.  That is because we often have a hard time distinguishing … Continue reading

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The Cure

On Thursday nights I meet with some guys from my church.  Some people have tried to turn it into the “Men’s Ministry” of our church.  That is wishful thinking, but it comes from a good place.  It is really only … Continue reading

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How Long Do I Have To Keep Doing This?

A few weeks ago, I endured a very aggravating experience with an electrical contractor, hired to re-wire an old house we purchased. He perpetually lied about reasons for multiple delays. He had constant turnover of workers because their payroll checks … Continue reading

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Ok, So I’m on this kick right now about grace and how it should color all our relationships.  I hope that you are with me and that you have finished reading “The Grace of God” by Andy Stanley and “Bo’s … Continue reading

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Bo’s Cafe

The last book I reviewed was about God’s grace.  Actually, it was the story of grace from the beginning of scripture all the way to the New Testament where we know grace resides.  We know that grace resides in scripture.  We … Continue reading

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